Keep Manatee Beautiful is dedicated to promoting community awareness and involvement in litter prevention, recycling and beautification throughout Manatee County.

We Are Volunteers

More than 10,000 volunteers help Keep Manatee Beautiful achieve its mission by engaging in litter cleanups, outdoor beautification projects and tree plantings.  Consider lending a hand with our many volunteer projects and events.

A Successful Plan for Community Change

Keep Manatee Beautiful is a nonprofit organization that inspires community involvement through its commitment to making Manatee County a cleaner and more beautiful environment. Established in Spring 1991 as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Florida Beautiful, Keep Manatee Beautiful has developed networks of volunteers who help provide grassroots solutions to:

  • Littering

  • Recycling

  • Illegal dumping

  • Beautification

  • Solid waste disposal

View our KMB Introduction slideshow and our Who We Are public service announcement.


Board of Directors--

Christopher Ralston--Chairman, Manatee County Sheriff's Office
Mary Sandell-- Vice-Chair, Florida Power and Light
Gregory Bennett – Treasurer, Waste Management
Dr. Janice Novello – Secretary , Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Community

Monica Andrews, Citizen-At-Large

Tracy Barta, Citizen-At-Large

Cheryl Huntsinger, Suncoast Aquaventures

Jo-Anne Lamp, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Richard Larsen, Florida Forest Service

Roberto Longoria, School District of Manatee County

Mary Oquendo, Manatee County Solid Waste

Mitzi Petty, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Aaron Pilant, Bradenton Police Department

James Thomas, Holmes Beach Code Enforcement

KC Quaretti, Manatee County Habitat for Humanity

Technical Advisory Committee

Lt. Andrew Andrews, Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Teresa Chaffee, Manatee County Solid Waste

JoAnn Spencer, Citizen-At-Large
Stanley Sharek, Florida Power & Light Company

Bob tenHaaf, WastePro

Jennifer Hoffman, Executive Director
Yvonne Buffington, Administrative Coordinator Adopt-A-Groups