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Make Earth Day Every Day

We are so excited to present Earth Day 2022. The scope of work for this year‘s event will include partnering with the CRA and Reflections of Bradenton to update and revitalize a neighborhood in East Bradenton. Our work will start with a neighborhood cleanup going from Manatee Road all the way to Manatee River starting with 15th St.East as far down as 9th St. East.  We expect to work with the city and volunteers to accomplish this.

Specific work at Reflections will be doing a vegetable garden in front of the visitor center that can be used as a demonstration garden. We will put in a medicinal herb garden/kitchen garden that will have ADA-compliant beds allowing for a teaching area. We will use tree stumps already on location to make a children’s education circle. The scope of work on the property will include landscaping as well as tree removal and pruning. There will be groundskeeping. With the help of the newly resurrected Tree Board we plan on holding a tree giveaway. And we will also help Reflections with new signage both for the gardens and for their exterior building.

As in years past we have plans for a morning service and an afternoon of celebration. Working with  Reflections we plan on making the afternoon of celebration educational and historical. They are going to open their properties and have volunteers give tours. We will set up tents for taste testing of things that would’ve been on property originally, such as sugarcane chew sticks, jellies, and jams, potentially someone showing how to make homemade butter, and other opportunities of this sort. The food again will be local and prepared by local people from this neighborhood. And we will have a performance of some sort from a local performer.

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